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Antlerbuyers.com was launched in May 2015 by me, Jon Waraas, to provide antler sellers with an easy way to connect with local buyers. As an avid shed hunter, I often faced difficulties in selling the antlers I found. This platform was created to address the challenge of locating buyers for antler sheds.

I created this site to benefit both parties: it enables antler sellers to easily find local buyers, and provides buyers with more leads to acquire antlers.

I do make money off of ads on this website, do you blame a guy? However, I will never sell any type of "Sponsored" antler buyer listing! All antler buyers on this site are treated equal.

About Our Antler Prices: I first created the Current Antler Prices tool in 2015 to help fellow shed hunters understand the market. Initially, I would email random antler buyers to compile a chart of current prices, which was very time-consuming.

Since then, it has evolved into a complex algorithm that utilizes real data from buyers and sellers.

The tool currently uses antler pricing data from both buyers and sellers. All pricing data stored on this website is 100% anonymous and secure. Your information will never be made public or shared with other buyers or sellers.

Go to this page to learn more about how our Current Antler Prices tool works.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.

AntlerBuyers.Com FAQ:

When was this site created?

May of 2015

Who created this site?

Jon Waraas. Here is my Facebook, and here is my blog.

Why did Jon create this site?

To help other antler sellers easily find local antler buyers.

I don't agree with your prices, how do I suggest my own?

Go to this page.

How do I add my antler business?

On this page.

How do you make money from this website?

Google ads.

Do you allow "sponsored/boosted/suggested antler buyers"?

Hell no.


Find local and trustworthy antler buyers near you. As shed hunters ourselves, we launched AntlerBuyers.Com back in 2014 to help fellow shed hunters in reviewing, finding, and contacting antler buyers.