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Hi, Im Jon Waraas!

Hello, I'm Jon Waraas. I started this website (AntlerBuyers.Com) back in 2015 after being ripped off by an antler buyer. Somewhere around 2013, the guy I call "Rod the Fraud" took off with roughly $14,000 of my money. I naively paid him that money, and he was supposed to bring me roughly 1,000 lbs of grade A elk antler. He never showed up with the antlers.

I did repossess his antler business and then sold it, but lost money in the process. I have learned some valuable lessons during that experience.

In 2015, I started this website in hopes of warning others about bad antler buyers. Since then, this website has grown into one of the largest antler shed hunting communities.

Who Am I?

I created my first website in 2002 at the local computer library in Blackfoot, Idaho. Since then, I have built thousands of websites and currently work full-time as a web developer. Besides building websites, I enjoy working on my cabin, which I am building in an old ghost town. Of course, I also like to shed hunt, go hiking, backpacking, and engage in all sorts of outdoorsy activities. :)

I run my own blog here, where I discuss web development, cabin building, and even talk about this website. You can also check out my Facebook here, and my Instagram here.


Find local and trustworthy antler buyers near you. As shed hunters ourselves, we launched AntlerBuyers.Com back in 2014 to help fellow shed hunters in reviewing, finding, and contacting antler buyers.