About Our Current Antler Prices Tool

Our Current Antler Prices tool is a complex algorithm designed to compile pricing data from antler buyers and sellers to calculate an average number per antler grade.

In short, antler buyers anonymously submit to us how much they are currently paying for antlers. Antler sellers also tell us how much they are receiving for their antlers. We retrieve and gather this data, then compile it to determine the current antler prices.

Let's dig deeper into our tool...

Before we begin: I want to emphasize that all of the antler pricing data, including price suggestions, is completely anonymous.

All the antler pricing data we receive is used in our system anonymously.

The antler prices we store on our servers are also encrypted and secure.

How Does The Current Antler Prices Tool Work?

Our Current Antler Prices tool is a complex algorithm that takes verified pricing data from both antler buyers and sellers, then compiles it to calculate an average price per pound.

We obtain antler pricing data through our suggest antler prices form, sidebar form, and via emails/messages. All the pricing data undergoes a rigorous process to weed out any spam or fake entries before being securely stored in our database using encryption.

All of our antler buyer price data is obtained from verified antler buyers that are listed in our directory.

Our system then processes the data using a sophisticated algorithm to ensure that our antler prices are up-to-date.

How Do We Verify Buyers?

On the buyer's side of the antler pricing data, we only use data from verified antler buyers.

All the buyers we use in our Current Antler Prices tool are listed on this website, AntlerBuyers.com, and have been verified as actual "antler buyers." We verify our antler buyers in several ways, including confirming their business phone numbers, researching social media, and consulting with other antler buyers.

We also use seller data to verify antler buyers and ensure they are currently active in business.

Statistics about our tool
  • Last update: Jul 14th, 2024
  • Timeframe of data used: The last 60 days.
  • Number of verified antler buyers in current data: 3 buyers
  • Number of antler sellers in current data: 17 sellers
  • Weighted average for antler buyer data: 90%
  • Weighted average for antler seller data: 10%
  • Total number of verified antler buyers: 13

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.


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